Paul Holmes
With a wealth of industry experience
over 25 years and an accomplished
list of credits, Paul (from Limerick) is
founder and MD of Red Rage Films.

Gary Moore
With vast industry experience in advertising,
Film, TV, music production and publishing
of over 25 years Gary Moore is a founding
Director of Red Rage Films.

About Us

Red Rage Films
28 Pembroke Lane
Dublin D04 C5Y3Ireland

Tel. +353 1 667 5900

Red Rage Films (established in 1997) is one of Ireland's leading commercials production companies. We have a dynamic award winning team of commercials directors across all genres of film making, both live-action and animation. We provide production support to foreign commercials filmed in Ireland. We utilize the very best in production techniques and talent to steer every job through the production process from treatment and script right through to the complete commercial. 

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Contact Gary or Paul for more details:

Gary Moore    +353 86 265 6017
Paul Holmes    +353 87 247 3880

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